My First Blog

Like lots of other craze writing blogs is the new craze i got into…. then i thought to myself what am i going to write or say….

never mind its my blog and i have to just escape from my friends so i thought i would write watever they have said Never go on time for anything…. be 5 mins late atleast… who knows there might be a bomb scheduled to blast… give it a pause guys……idhuvum kadhandu pogum ( read it in sivakumar style) Plan to do things diffrently each day….

never do the same routine everyday, you may not know how many are watching you, havent you heard this dialogue in tamil films "Avan inda vazhiya dan seriya 6.45ku varuvan, inda tea kadaila osi paper padipan" etc…. Save your life…. i have given useful tips…. courtesy my brilliant friends..

ok let me end my first blog here…. i will try to put more of my hiquee soon in this blog watch out….

Have fun….

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